900.000 anniversary!

Hello our lovely viewers!
How would you like to see your face on this inspirational blogspot? :) For our '900.000 visitors' anniversary, we have decided to show our stylish and beautiful followers on our blog! We want you to send us photos of yourself wearing your most favourite outfit or any other stylish fashion picture of you that would fit this site! And then, we will post your pictures at Adela&Tessie. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Tessie and Adela

So if you want to see yourself at this site, keep reading:
Step 1: Like 
Adela&Tessie on Facebook.


Step 2: Choose your most fashionable picture.

Step 3: Send your picture to adelaandtessie@seznam.cz, and add your FB name and name of your blog (if you have any).

Step 4: Wait untill you see your face on Adela&Tessie!! We will let you know on Facebook too, so you won't miss that!

And THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REACHING 900.000 visitors of this blog! We are really glad for all of you! Thank you! 

We are really excited and can't wait to see your fashion photos!
Adela & Tessie