Tattoo mandala heart

The Art of Mandala Tattoos

Mandala circle artworks are a large part of Buddhist and Hindu religions, and are often expressed in the form of sand art, in which monks use dyed sand to create decorative mandalas. These colorful mandala designs can be transferred to the skin in the form of a tattoo to create a spiritual, cheerful tattoo design. Because of their geometric nature, mandala tattoos look best on a flat area of the boady such as the back or chest, where the circular shape of the mandala will not be distorted by the curves of the body.

The Spiritual Magic of Mandala Tattoos

Mandalas are sacred circle designs that are used in religious and cultural ceremonies. They are often used in meditation rooms, prayer rooms and churches as a symbol of spiritual calm and eternal love. Mandalas can be used as colorful tattoo designs to express a spiritual, balanced attitude towards life.